About Party Photo Favors and Picture Perfect Cakes.Also fondant recipe for making your own creative cake for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday, and corporate office party!


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Kelli Fusaro

Hello! My name is Kelli Fusaro and I would like to welcome you to Party Photo Favors where we offer the most exciting, creative and affordable photo cookies online.  Plus! Easy ordering and fast shipping!

As a former teacher turned entrepreneur, my team and I train wonderfully talented women throughout the USA with our outstanding picture cookie decorating/licensing  program.  It is the trend on social media for all types of celebrations, weddings and corporate events!  Our photo cookie business opportunities are fulled with creativity, inspiration and fun! Check out our cookie programs available on PhotoBakeShop.com.  We've been serving cookies online since 2005.  Our training takes place in Port St. Lucie, Florida, or online. We promise outstanding quality, pricing and service to each and every ordering customer!  All products are conveniently shipped right to your door and they are ready to serve when they arrive.

Kelli Fusaro
photo cookies

Party-photo-favors has successfully been in business since 1996. When this business began it was known as "Picture Perfect Cakes (and Cookies)", a retail store founded by Sally Keeler. Now as an Internet based business, we have sold thousands of photo cookies as wedding favors and/or party favors to people all over the world including many celebrities. We work with Disney, Pandora, Ritz Carlton and Hilton Hotels, T-Mobile and many businesses nationwide.

A product of Sound Expressions LLC, Party-Photo-Favors.com is privately owned by Photo Bake Shop, LLC.

Our photo cookies are tastefully made and custom designed at our locations in various states throughout the USA. We use our fresh baked scrumptious recipe, royal icing and topped with your photo using 100% edible food coloring so that you and your loved ones can enjoy every bite! We deliver photo cookies, cake fondants, and cupcake fondants nationwide!

I can print any image or logo onto a cookie. Add CREATIVITY and FUN to your next event! I specialize in:

  • Weddings

  • Baby Showers

  • Anniversary Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Business Tradeshow Giveaways

Party Photo Favors

My photo cookies are also featured on my second website, PhotoBakeShop.com which offers photo cookie training and fondant decorating to those wanting to license their own picture cookie business..

Picture cookie favors

William Hamilton, the incredibly handsome gentleman on the left, is my website engineer and designer. His expertise keeps you up to date with our special offers, programs and inspiring photo cookie samples!


If you have an interest in starting a photo cookie internet business, please contact me: kelli@photobakeshop.com or 484-769-5250.

I am here to serve you and thank you for considering doing business with Party Photo Favors!

When trying to decide how many cookies you will need to order, we have come to understand through our experience that there are 3 types of guests in attendance at every party. ENJOY!

  • THE COOKIE SAVER - These are the people that will hold on the cookies forever as a keepsake. They will never want to eat the cookie so that they can admire your lovely faces for years to come.
  • THE GIVER - These are the guests who want to take a cookie with themselves and another cookie or two for so and so who couldn't make the party that day.
  • THE VULCHER - These are the cookie lovers who will devour the cookie on the spot and hope for seconds. It's a great thrill for them to off the heads printed on the cookie.
Party Photo Cookie Favors


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